Blokkenschema Keltfest 2014

Time schedule online

The past weeks we’ve been showing you more and more of the Keltfest programme for 2014. Today we’re revealing the full schedule to you! Plan your visit, decide when you absolute have to be at the Hill Stage for some awesome Folk or when to hurry to the Oak stage to dance your feet off. Or maybe you prefer to hang around at the Pub Stage, enjoying a beer and getting treated to a dose of drinking tunes!

Orfeo 2013 (Medium)


“From fairytale metal to rocking balfolk” ( Orfeo has been playing for nine years now and has proven herself as a balfolk band. They were invited to a countless number of folkbals throughout Holland and several big festivals such as Castlefest, Folkwoods, the Elf Fantasy Fair, Summer Darkness and the Midvinterfestival in Denmark. In 2010 they released their debut album, entitled ‘Inferno’. Now, in 2014, it’s time for their long awaited sequel: on Keltfest 2014 they will officially release their second album! So then the album will be for sale for the first time.

The five multi-instrumentalists of Orfeo come from different backgrounds like medieval music, classical music, rock and metal and all these influences are prominent in the music they make today. These friends do not only mix various genres but also different instruments like harp, hurdy-gurdy, flute, bass clarinet, bass guitar, electric guitar and drums. The members of Orfeo are also involved in other musical projects such as RAMA, Ball Noir and Kelten zonder Grenzen.

Orfeo plays on the Saturday and Sunday of Keltfest.



The music of the Dutch band Finvarra can best be described as Celtic roots mixed with oriental elements. The group consists of four experienced musicians with different musical backgrounds, which results in a blend of various styles that is firmly rooted in the celtic tradition. Patrick (guitar, bouzouki), Dieke (vocals, percussion), Gwen (vocals, Indian harmonium, bouzouki) and Corné (violin, percussion) arrange traditional songs and tunes as well as their own compositions and perform everywhere from small neighbourhood theatres to big festivals. Their self-titled debut album, launched in June 2013, has received positive reviews both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Finvarra plays on the Saturday and Sunday of Keltfest

Scrum photo by Louise van Gend


The Dutch band Scrum first saw the light of day in April 2004. Their music has always been described as “Power Folk”: Rock with Scottish and Irish influences including typical folk instruments such as bagpipes, tin whistle, fiddle, mandolin and banjo, they’ve made their way to many venues and festivals all over the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Italy and France. An ever increasing fan base supports Scrum on their ceaseless journey of playing in front of live audiences and never making any concessions on the pure, unpolished roughness of their shows.. During every gig Scrum aims for the highest goal: To send the audience home, totally worn out and with a huge smile. In 2014, the year in which the band will also celebrate its 10th anniversary, new studio material is expected. This tenth year anniversary will be celebrated with the bands own festival: Fields of Folk.

SCRUM are: Skottie (vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo Marco: bass, accordion), Robin (guitar), Oscar (drums, bodhràn), Fred (bagpipes, tin whistle) and Corné (fiddle, mandola, bodhràn).

Scrum plays on the Saturday of Keltfest


The Royal Spuds

From the moist dirt in South-Holland, a new kind of tuber emerged.
The kind that walks on two legs and is fused with an instrument of choice. It’s The Royal Spuds! A half-baked punk mash with chunks, suffused with a traditional Irish shamrock ‘n roll-sauce. As befits a “real” spud, the possibilities are endless. Even deep-fried they taste great! All you need is a considerable amount of beer and the party can begin!
Six-headed, fourpart, bilingual, unanimous, and half crazy! From traditional folk songs in a “slightly different” way, to self-written songs, in which folk, punk, blues, country, metal, ska and many other styles can be heard! Like a well oiled party machine, The Royal Spuds will never fail to get the party going!

The Royal Spuds play on the Saturday and Sunday of Keltfest



Irish, Scottish (and Dutch) folkmusic with a difference. Dieb, William, Maceál and David sing and play on instruments like fiddle, tin whistle, gitouki, squeezebox, mouth organ, bodhrán, Highland pipes, border pipes and tea-chest bass. This diversity of instruments, a varied repertoire and an original presentation make a concert of Rapalje a special act. Dressed in medieval kilts, Rapalje performs in every conceivable venue.

Rapalje plays on the Saturday and Sunday of Keltfest