Fairbow is a small family business from the Netherlands, which sells all sorts of products related to traditional archery. The keystone of the business is the wide range of traditional bows that are on offer, all of them handmade by bowyers Magén Klomp and Kay Klomp. 

Bowyer Klomp caught the archery bug more than 10 years ago and initially started making bows himself because the market simply didn’t offer him the type of bows he was looking for. Since then Klomp has accumulated more than 10 years of experience as a bowyer and has made more than 2,000 quality bows.

At Fairbow we never make a bow just like that, all models have seen various levels of investigation and research. Who used them; why did they adopt a particular model; how did the bow develop; what materials were used then and why might alternative materials be used now? At Fairbow we are proud of our products and make them to be used out in the fields and forests, not just to look pretty.

Drop by at Fairbow to experience real archery and try it for yourself under the guidance of experienced instructors.

‘t Ambachts Ghylde

Always wanted to know how pottery is made? How to cook medieval dishes on an open fire? Or how to use a spindle to make yarn out of raw fleece from sheep? Or do you want to felt your own woolen bracelet, or braid a mouse from straw? Well, during Keltfest it’s all possible: for the fourth year in a row the Ambachts Ghylde has it’s own little settlement here at Keltfest!

You can always find something to do in our camp. Whether you want to be creative yourself or you just want to look how a craftsman makes his/her own creations. Besides that you can also visit us to try, or buy our handmade items. Like tasting sweet honey from our own bees, or buying shiny jewelry made from straw, or have a look at our beautiful clay pottery and our freaky hats and scarfs made from wool. All handmade by our craftsmen.


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Like every year we’ve got plenty to do for children on the Kidshill. This year it is possible to join the Maypole parade. To make sure you will look at your best, we’re going to craft special fairy wings and beautiful crowns for the occasion. Of course there will be lots of wonderful games to play. Who will be strong enough to join in on tug-of-war and who’s best in sitting on the balance beam? Or come in for some coloring or get your face painted!

Of course our traditional kiddybattle will be one of the highlights. The children will have a chance to fight the adults. We definitely need the aid of strong children! Are you coming to help us? 

For the smallest ones (age 0-2) we have a quiet and safe place where they can rest and play for a while. For the parents we offer changing facilities as well as a place to heat a meal.




Of course Balfolk with Emelie and Wen will be on Keltfest again this year.

While, in the old days, the upper class was dancing boring walses, the plebeians were having a party much more fun!! They danced their own kind of dances which nowadays are known as balfolk. For centuries balfolk brings people together to enjoy dance and live music.
Emelie and Wen will explain the basics of different dances step by step in this introduction workshop. Everybody can join, with or without dancing experience, young or old, farmer or princes, troll or fairy.
We can enjoy the dances we’ve learned straightaway while listening to the lovely music of Wouter en de Draak (Wouter and the Dragon).

Celtic Spirit program

Celtic Spirit Program for both days:

11.00 Day Opening with the Celtic Spirit Members with a connection ritual
11.30 Roser & Paul: Munay Ki
12.00 Soup lady Ingeborg: Witch soup workshop for kids
12.30 Gabslichthuis: Element Healing sounds
13.00 Turning Wheel
14.00 Roser & Paul: Munay Ki
14.30 Gabslichthuis: Elements Healing sounds
14.00 The Hunt gathering at the Celtic Spirit Tent procession from Celtic Spirit Tent
15.00 The May Pole Ceremony, by The Pagan Lady                                          
16.00 The Fire Jump gathering at the Celtic Spirit Tent
16.30 The May Pole ending gathering at the Celtic Spirit Tent by Pagan Lady
17.00 Turning Wheel


19.00 Levensdans: Pagan Passion Night


My name is Gabs and apart from Gabslichthuis, I’m also the coordinator of the Celtic Spirit Tent for the last couple of years.
This is a Spiritual platform on the Festival where visitors can get acquainted with several rituals and customs, but most of all it’s a loving place where visitors can relax and have a rest.

Each year the Celtic Spirit members contribute to a group full of love and inspiration for everyone. This year is nothing different.
Our Theme this year is ‘Connection’

Gabs & her Elves at the Celtic Spirit tent, where you can create your Wish en surround yourself with beautiful Healing sounds in the Healing Element workshop. Love to see you there!

Time: 12.30 & 14.30h

The Pagan Lady

Beltane: The beginning of the summer! We honor the power of the sun and the fertility of Mother Earth.
We celebrate the light, a new life. We celebrate glorious life itself!

Everybody does it! The birds and the bees. Love is in the air, couples find each other.

I am the Pagan Lady, an urban white witch from The Hague. Maybe you know me from being the cook at the Ambachts Ghylde, or doing my Celtic oracle or giving my advice as a herbalist. This Year I will be organizing the passionate ritual of Beltane.

The wild hunt, a parade with the May king and May queen, the dance around the maypole and the jumping over the sacred fire.


We start with the hunt. The men need to gain as much little rings from the women as they can catch. The one men who has the most rings will be crowned as the May king and he will choose his bride. This couple will be symbol for the power of nature and the union of male and female in nature.


With them we will walk in a beautiful parade along the Keltfest field. We invite everyone to join this parade, with flowers in your hair and while singing and laughing and making sounds with drums and little bells. Come and let your children walk along dressed like little elves throwing flowers.


The parade stops at the may pole-field. The ritual begins and the Pole will be placed. Then we grab one of the ribbons and dance around the pole with the merry music of Rapalje to accompany us.


This sparkling energy we take with us to the sacred fire, to jump over it for protection en fertility of all our sincere plans and wishes

Turning Wheel

Discover how you can tune in to the rhythm of Mother Nature and find your natural way of life.

Herbal Ritual

The masculine and feminine energy, are united in the holy water. Fragrant herbs merge during this ritual to celebrate Beltane.

You are welcome at 13:00 h.

Unification Ritual

Experience the unification in connection with each other. We will weave the red and white ribbons as a symbol of the fruitful connection of mother earth and father sun. We’ll sing from our hearts. From hand to hand and heart to heart we‘ll stay connected!

You are welcome at 17:00 h.

Come and experience it yourself, the Turning Wheel team can be found at the Celtic Spirit tent for more information. You’re welcome to join us !

Merry Meet again!

Turning Wheel

Levensdans: Pagan Passion Night

Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to the Pagan Passion night of Beltane!
Beltane is the celebration of fertility and sensuality. The divine Feminine melds together with the divine masculine. 

We will fan the fire within! Let the heartbeat of the untamed drum move you to your primal power and wild passion. We will dance, we will laugh, we will connect.

Unleash the Wild Women en de Wild Men, Unleash your pagan passion!

Join us in this celebration!

Saturday, 19:00 Celtic Spirit

Orakel theater: Rosa Mare

The first symbolic characters to express thoughts with were called runes. The word rune originated from the gothic word “Runa”, meaning secret.

Each symbolic rune sign is a storage for intuitive knowledge, and it takes insight and experience to read the stones clearly and articulate them to an outsider.
If I am interpreting my stones, I always note how it fascinates people, especially by the pureness of the stones with their signs.

Meet with the old ritual of the rune stones. They provide wisdom and insight.



This year too you can find Rineke at Keltfest, across the Celtic Spirit tent. Here she will be drawing beautiful symbols and loving messages. Are you up for it?

Paul & Roser

We invite you to discover Munay Ki and experience one of the nine rites of the Munay Ki.

Munay means Love, Ki means energy/power.
A loving, creative and profound healing process which allows you to feel and be the person you are within.

Time table: 11.30 & 14.00h.