Tim Talesman

For years Tim Talesman is telling stories in his own way about myths, sagas and fairytales. Heroes, Gods and monsters will all be present. Not only ancient stories, but new ones are being told as well. So drop by and go along to far away places and beautiful adventures.


Sprookspreker is a medieval Dutch word for storyteller. This year, the Sprookspreker returns to Keltfest to tell his most beautiful tales from the Celtic world. With great enthusiasm he brings his audience to green fields or misty mountains where the epic tales for ancient Ireland or medieval Scotland take place. With a little chest filled with stories, The Sprookspreker travels around the world. For every story, there’s a object in his chest. The audience day-dreams of heroes and giants, magical potions and wizards, kings and princesses while he tells his tales. Stories by the Sprookspreker are always suitable for all ages.

Magisch Verhaal

Martin of Magisch Verhaal is a passionate storyteller, magician and theatermaker. At Keltfest you can experience different kind of stories.

Old heroes and villains will come to life and take you with them to the adventure they’ve encountered. Nothing will be left out.

Come listen to one or more stories and enter the world of Magisch Verhaal.