Time schedule 2017


Plunder is a pirate partyfolk band from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The band makes danceable Dutch songs and chanteys about desire, love and freedom and always get the party going. Plunder consists of five enthusiasts with authentic instruments and the need to make music. Influenced by various styles such as Irish folk, balkan, country, ska and klezmer the group creates their own rousing and energetic sound. With a gig of this bunch of troublemakers every place they visit will definitely be plundered! 


‘Twibv’ was created as an excuse for a group of friends to play music together, but quickly grew to be a fully fledged folk-pop band with original material. Playing music and telling stories, that’s what we love to do. Whether these stories originate in literature, poetry, nature, our own experiences or our imagination doesn’t really matter. We use an enormous variety of instruments (the counter is almost at 15!), different languages and most importantly: plenty of humour, even in songs about death and tragedy. Using (among other things) piano, ukulele, violin, whistles, cajon and vocals, we’re about to tell you a few of our favourite tales.
In 2015, we made a short cd named ‘Snippets’, and at the moment we’re busy writing and recording plenty of new tracks. What do the letters in ‘Twibv’ stand for, you ask? That’s a secret. But we’re open to your craziest suggestions…!

Twibv plays on Saturday at Keltfest.

Open Irish Trad Session

Open Irish Trad Session with The Fierce Mild Diddly!

Come and play in the Open Trad Session with the Fierce Mild Diddly. Sing, play, spin a good yarn, do what you do best and don’t forget to mingle and exchange music and have a pint (or two). It’s in the Spiegeltent between gigs! See you there!

Keltfest Pubquiz

Are you up for a nice challenge? Join our pubquiz! In several rounds we will put your Celtic knowledge to the test: from movies and music to beer and from Keltfest to traveling. Of course there are awesome prizes to win as well.

Come in with your team and join us for some good fun!

Saturday: 14.00 – 15.30 uur
Sunday: 12.30 – 14.00 uur

Celtic Boardgame: Fidchell

What is a pub without the possibility to challenge your friends to a boardgame? Try your luck at a game of Fidchell! This century-old game is mentioned in various Celtic legends and is supposedly invented by the Celtic God Lugh himself. Ask for the game stones and rules at the bar and try to beat your friends!


Pub food & drinks

While enjoying one of the three awesome draft beers or refreshing cider, you feel like you’re in your favorite pub. We have Murphys Red, Strongbow, Pimpelaer and Pimpelaer Gold (beer with a touch of honey). There is also lovely pubfood to enjoy, like onion rings and mozzarella sticks. Enjoy, while sitting at one of the cosy pub tables. 

Kelten zonder Grenzen

Kelten zonder Grenzen is a band around the two harpists Lies and Coca. They play with regular and unregulated guest musicians, but always full of joy and with a wild passion for music. They let their harps sing, from wild to dreamy, inspired by West-European balfolk music, striking sunlight and cappuccino with a large amount of frothed milk-foam.

Saor Patrol

Saor Patrol – Scotland’s Leading Medieval Rock Band (pronounced ‘shore’ and comes from the Gaelic word ‘Saorsa’, meaning freedom / liberty) comes from Central Scotland and Fife, the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Scotland.

Those that have stood before SAOR PATROL while performing live never forget the feeling of power the feed the crowd and the visual image of their live experience. The energy they share on stage and with their audience during a performance, with their vibrant pipe tunes and thundering drum rhythms please and excite many a crowd from all walks of life.

The sound that they started with was referred to as “Tribal Rock”. When they added the electric guitar some said it was “Celtic Rock”.  When they shared a stage at a rock festival in England with Motorhead, their sound was refered to by Lemmy himself as “The Motorhead of Folk”. However over the years their sound has evolved into what is now refered to as Scottish Medieval Rock. A sound you will not forget.

Their sound is original and their own: Medieval Rock! and it delivers every time at breathless pace!

Their story is unlike any other band. Some of the band members have appeared in many epic movie blockbusters like Gladiator, King Arthur, Robin Hood, The Eagle,Thor II and Macbeth to name but a few. So these guys lead a pretty exciting and interesting life.

Saor Patrols other mission is to promote at all times possible the Clan Clanranald Trust for Scotland and all its projects. Duncarron being among the flagships of educational experiences in Scotland. Don’t forget to check out their merch stall not just for goods but for information on their project and achievements. 

Saor Patrol plays on Saturday at Keltfest.

Killkenny Knights

Kilkenny Knights are 8 musicians right out of the beautiful heart of Germany. The young band made their way on playing Celtic Rock music. They take traditional folk instruments like mandolin, accordion, tin whistle or the booming bagpipes and combine them with sick e- guitar lines and drum beats – all in all a real blast! Inspired by well-known Celtic bands, they formed their own style called “devil’s dance music”, so you have to expect a fiery show! You’ll hear songs about the joy of drinking and scuffling, sweet love and hate, myths and legends from all over the world as well as all the other stuff that you need to have a big party – A great atmosphere from the pub to the festival! With four male voices and one female, they create a chameleonic stage presence full of power and fun. This music is all that you need to have a great day with your friends and some cool pints. Forget about your daily routine and hoist the sails for a journey to the green isles! Slaìnte – or as we say in Germany – Prost!

About our music

„Devil’s Dance music“ – that’s the Kilkenny Knights style of playing Celtic Rock. They combine the power, fun and mysticism of Celtic folk with the cool blast of rock and punk music. Never to serious and always with a cheeky wink!

Prima Nocta

Prima Nocta has become one of the best musical acts around, combining original arrangments with humor, power, and charisma. Each performance is a not to be missed experience!  Musically they blend components of Celtic folk music, metal, and rock with medieval influences. Their shows are held at concert halls, festivals, and castles. In each performance, these six talented musicians offer their audience an irresistible, unique, and unconventional mix of energy through their passion for music. Prima Nocta’s rhythms will make you want to stand up, celebrate, and dance!

Prima Nocta plays on Sunday at Keltfest.


Always surprising: a folkband with a very large variety in songs. From Irish pub songs and ballads to American folk and everything you can expect and won’t expect in one folky mix.

The ‘good old boys’ in Daddy-O will guarantee limitless entertainment. No nonsense folk where everything is possible. Never a dull moment with these five members and 14 instruments.


Peter Anthony: bass, vocals
Co Spinhoven: uilleann pipes, tin whistles, low flute, banjo, mandoline, dobro, guitar
Marco Sengers: fiddle, bodhràn, vocals
Jos Jongeling: guitar, bluesharp, bouzouki, lead vocals
Piet van Loo: percussion


What does a bottle of whiskey sound like if you have six true musicians doing their thing? How does Rock ‘n Roll taste as these same guys mix their passion for Irish folk, steaming Americana and solid rock into a swinging cocktail?

The answer is LQR: Liquor. The label states folk rock since 2007. Who pulls the cork of this bottle will taste a unique style full of DNA from the entire music history. On a traditional way, with a wink to the legacy of folk giants, LQR blows everyone away with their songs. With whiskey and countless foaming miracles from slightly lower countries as other inspiration, LQR brings up tempo folk-rock with a dash of other fine music brands. Their latest album 10 Pinter was part of every Best album of 2016-list and this year marks their 10th Anniversary so raise your pint in the air. Time to party!


Two thousand years ago the Celts were driven off of mainland Europe. All Celts? No, one band bravely resisted the influx of modern pop and rock and found their own place in the world of music.

Armed with nothing but their voices and instruments, Rapalje is raiding clubs and halls far and wide, looking for victims to carry away on a musical journey through Scottish Higlands, Irish valleys, taverns and inns. Ground shaking jigs and reels, delicate ballads and a whiff of heavy metal provide you with the perfect opportunity to not care about every day life.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dance