Keltfacts: six Celtic must-see series

Fall has started and it's getting cold outside: perfect timing to enjoy a series from your couch, lying underneath a warm blanket. In this Keltfacts we made a list of six awesome series from Celtic areas. 


This Scottish crime drama is set on the Scottish Shetland Islands. The vast and remote location is a perfect setting for murder, mystery, storms and more murders. A fan of crimi? You will be all set with five seasons of Shetland.

Monarch of the Glen

In Monarch of the Glen we meet Archie MacDonald, last in the Glenbogle lineage, who reluctantly becomes the new Liard of his family estate. The series follows his quest to restore the crumbling estate into its former glory. 

Father Ted

Father Ted is probably one of the most famous Irish series. It centers around the misadventures of three Irish priests and their housekeeper, who live on the fictive Craggy Island next to the Irish west coast. Although this sitcom was filmed in the nineties, it is still very popular and an absolute must-see. Did you know that there is even an annual 'Ted Fest' in county Clare, where the show was filmed?


Hinterland follows DCI Tom Matthias and is set in and around Aberystwyth, Wales. This 'noir' detective series takes you to the beautiful mountainous Welsh landscapes. Want to get the full Welsh experience? This series was filmed twice. Are you watching Hinterland, then you will see the English version. However, you can also watch the series in the Welsh language as Y Gwyll. Very recommended! 


This epic Scottish series included beautiful music and costumes has to be on this list. An English nurse gets mysteriously transported through time to 1743 in Scotland. Here she meets the dashing Highlander Jamie and gets embroiled in the Jacobite Risings. There is a sixth season in the making, so you are good to go for this winter with Outlander.


The young English priest Peter Clifford leaves for his new parish in the rural County Kerry in Ireland. This is already a big change, from his last parish in the city centre of Manchester to the small village of Ballykissangel. However, this Irish community is far from the sleepy village he expected... 

Which 'Celtic' series is your favourite? 

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