Frequently Asked Questions about Keltfest

Am I allowed to bring food and drinks onto the terrain?
As every year it is not allowed to bring food and drink to Keltfest. We of course won’t make a fuss about a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water, but big thermos bags filled with food and drink or crates or trays of beer will not be allowed. Other forms of alcohol will also be confiscated. This has to do with the regulations and our catering permit. We won’t be as strict as most pop festivals like Lowlands, but we will have to enforce these rules. We hope you will be understanding.
Can I take photos at Keltfest?
Yes, this is allowed. In case you want to take pictures with a camera with detachable lenses, you will need a Castlefest photo pass. You can apply for this photo pass via our photography page. It is free of charge in combination with a valid ticket.
Why do I need tokens?
At Keltfest, tokens are used as currency to pay at the bars and different caterer options. You can get your tokens at the cash desks and token machines at the festival terrain.
Can I withdraw money during the event?
During the event a limited amount of money can be withdrawn at the cash registers. This is allowed after noon as long as there is enough cash available at the cash registers. Maestro and V PAY only.
Do I need a parking ticket when coming by car?
Yes, when you park your (motorised) vehicle at the parking lot, you need a parking ticket when leaving. You can buy parking tickets in the online ticket shop and at the cash desks at the event.
Do I have to pay for parking my bike at the parking lot?
No, you do not have to pay to park your bike.
Are pets allowed at Keltfest?
Dogs are allowed on the terrain, but are to be kept on a leash. Dogs are not allowed at our campsite (except assistance dogs ). Other animals, in the interest of animal welfare, are not allowed at Keltfest.
Is this event accessible for wheelchair users?
Keltfest takes place on park grounds. Therefore not every path is evenly paved. However, most paths in the estate grounds are accessible for wheel chairs. Our tent stalls are provided with steel planking and there is a disabled toilet. There are parking spaces available at the parking lot for people with a disabled parking permit.
Do I need to print my ticket?
No, this is not necessary. We can also scan your ticket from your mobile phone, provided that your screen has no cracks.
Can I return unused tokens?
Yes, during the festival you can return your unused tokens at the cash desk.
Do I need to keep my wristband on after buying a passe-partout?
Yes, the wristband is your personal admission ticket during the whole festival. If taken off, it is not valid anymore.

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