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Exhibitor Products
Artisaen handmade leatherwork
Black Oak Smederij handmade forgings, from jewellery to tools
Bohemia Beauty historical glass replicas, jewellery, tankards, gifts
Celtic WebMerchant swords, jewellery, leatherwork, horns, runes, woodwork
City Sheep Nature handmade collars, capes and rugs
De Polderkol organic herbal products, herbal tea, ointment, massage oil
Delftse Mederij various types of mead
Eleoflora herbs and natural products
Hannie's Hakhoning artisanal honey, bonbons, beeswax, propolis products
Meadandmore various types of mead
Ocarinas Arpad Takacs Ocarinas - clay flutes
Skapa woolen & linen fabrics, yarns, medieval handicrafts
The Gift of Magic mystical, magical, esoteric products
The Native Dutch Clan handmade spiritual and esoteric gifts

23 May 2020

24 May 2020

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