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The Trouble Notes

Travel along on a musical journey with The Trouble Notes

Pioneering a new genre through a common tale of dedication, passion, and sacrifice. The Trouble Notes music is from everywhere for everyone!
The Berlin-based trio The Trouble Notes is Bennet Cerven violin, Florian Eisenschmidt guitar, and Oliver Maguire percussion. Their music doesn’t need words to convey stories or foster connections as it resonates across genres and cultures with visionary and accessible compositions. An enchanting violin is paired with a rhythmic guitar and groovy percussion beats creating a sound that is truly unique to its own. Vitalizing people all over the world the group’s emotionally driven, instrumental ballads function as an escape of the mendacity of daily routines and offer comfort and salvation to people in difficult personal circumstances.
Reflecting on pan-cultural influences and blending an eclectic fusion of traditions, representative of their extensive travels and consequent musical development, the Trouble Notes allow their audiences to join them on a musical journey that they will never forget!

23 May 2020
Oak Stage

24 May 2020
Oak Stage


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