Keltfest campsite

In 2021 Keltfest unfortunately won’t have a campsite

The past years, we were able to create the Keltfest festival campsite as an extra service to you all. This additional service enhanced the festival’s feel and made it possible to enjoy Keltfest even longer/more.

Keltfest is all about that great pub and festival experience and the campsite was able to add to that. Unfortunately, COVID-19 and its impact resulted in us having to reassess the way we can organize Keltfest 2021. This means we cannot offer the campsite service this year. This way, we don’t have to compromise on our amazing programme and we can make sure Keltfest 2021 will become a great fourteenth edition. 

Do you want to spend the night in the area? We’ve collected a list of nearby hotels on the page Accommodations in the area.

Everyone with a Keltfest 2020 camping ticket received an e-mail with the consequences and options for these tickets.