To the campsite

The route to the Keltfest campsite

The Keltfest campsite has its own entrance. Below you can find the route from the nearest bus stop and the route to take by car.

For all other campsite information, check the camping page.

To the campsite by public transport

When traveling by public transport, make sure you get the bus to bus stop Expo Haarlemmermeer. 
From here you walk towards the main entrance of the festival, but you'll take a right turn up to the bridge with biking lane. Turn left and walk across the bridge until you see the Keltfest campsite on your left. 

The route is drawn in red on the picture below.
Please mind! This is quite a walk.

To the campsite by car

Drop off at the Kiss & Ride

When driving to Keltfest with your car full with people and camping gear, you want to bring them as close to the campsite as possible. Herefore, you may use the Kiss & Ride at the campsite, located on the IJweg, Hoofddorp. See it here in Google Maps.  

You can drop off all your stuff and passengers at the Kiss & Ride. Afterwards, you need to put away your car on the camping parking lot first. This way, the Kiss & Ride stays accessible for all people arriving. After putting away your car, you can find yourself a nice spot at the campsite and pitch your tent.

Parking as a camping guest

The camping parking lot is located at Paviljoenlaan 1, Cruquius. On the map below, you see the route from the Kiss & Ride to the parking lot. After parking your car, you can walk through the park as a quick way to get back to the campsite.

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